Dear guests !

We have for you some useful information that we hope will encourage you to visit our camp and return to it next time.

The campsite:
Camp 24 is located in the western part of Miedzyzdroje, on a quiet Polna street. It is located near the national road E65, so going Szczecin City you will find it easily. The beach is only 500 meters away, the city center about 800 m, the gas station 400 m, and the train station about 2000 m.
With such a large area (more than 3,5 ha) you can freely choose the place - more or less exposed to the sun, trees or on open ground. The camp is charming - the north woods, the terrain is flat, grass, trees and shrubs.
The camp is divided three sectors, ie. for caravans (with electricity), family, youth. The field is guarded around the clock, so you can go to the beach or town without having to worry you can leave personal belongings in a tent or trailer. In addition, it is possible to leave a deposit in the reception.
For our guests we have three bathrooms, with toilets, sinks and showers, is always hot and cold water. In addition to camping, there are three places you prepare food, wash dishes, etc. The use of sanitary facilities is free any cost. In addition, the reception is a kettle of boiling water and refrigerators you can store food, beverages.
Free time you can plan beach volleyball, play with children on the playground, light a barbecue. You can use a common room with satellite TV, charge cell phones, surf the Internet - free of charge at the whole camp via WIFI.
For the owners of caravans and motorhomes we have CAMPER SERVICE you can get drinking water, clean toilets and empty the dirty water. The entire surface are places with a connection to current (12 Amps). For international visitors we have different types of adapters, so that even the original trailer can draw electricity.
Stay of animals is welcome.

We look forward to see you !